American Doll 

Your daughters will have a lot of fun crafting miniature clothes, accessories, and other items for their beloved dolls. They will also play games from the American Girl books! Any doll or stuffed animal can be brought to these events, which are suited for girls

 ages 6-10 and 6:30-8:00 pm.

Class Schedule

September 21st --Spa

October 19th --Halloween

November 16th -- Camping

December 15th -- Holiday

January 18th -- Chinese

February 15th -- Baking

March 15th -- St. Patrick Day

April 19th --Tea Party

May 17th -- Roaring 20s

June 14th -- Luau

Please be sure to Register to hold your spot!  

Get It Touch!


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Mt Horeb United Methodist Church       United Methodist Church            908-451-9280                                          Classes as schedule    

42 Liberty Corner Rd              22 Church Street                  [email protected]                              Group times by appt.